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4 Reasons Why We Should Learn The Life of the Little Ants

Who would have guessed animals such as the little ants could teach us the key to life?

In fact when faced with difficulties and obstacles, small ants never give up and always find a way to achieve its goal.

Imagine the success that awaits us if we never give up and always think positive.

How to Think Small Ants
We as humans sometimes forget that the greatest lessons in life can be drawn from the little creatures that surround us, the ants.

Indeed, human beings tend to admire someone or something bigger than ourselves.

But if seen carefully, the philosophy of living ants can be applied also to humans.

Jim Rohn, one of the popular motivators developed a thought known as “Ants Philosophy”.

Jim Rohn identifies four main points of ant habit that can encourage us to be a much better person.

Surely we want to be successful and become a better person, right?

Therefore, follow these four ways of thinking the little ants, so we can be a better person than ever!

# 1 Little Ants Do Not Know The Surrender
If we look closely, the little ants always manage to find another way when faced with an obstacle.

To prove it, try to place your finger on the path the ant passes through.

Instead of shutting down or turning to his house, the ant will immediately find another way to get past that obstacle.

In this life, of course you will always encounter obstacles in this life. Good in terms of work, education, finance, even in terms of socializing.

Like ants, we should not remain silent or even surrender to circumstances.

Because the real challenge is how we can keep trying and immediately find an alternative way to achieve our desired goals.

Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the reign of George VI also described the way of thinking of small ants through the following motto:

“Never give up. Never, never give up! ”

# 2 Little Ants Thinking of Winter in Summer
Do you remember one of the tales about the little ants and grasshoppers?

During the summer, small ants are busy collecting food for the upcoming winter, while grasshoppers only have fun during the summer.

Little ants know, summer (a time to relax and take a vacation) will not last forever, because winter is coming soon.

When things are going well and when we’re upstairs, we are often lulled and unconsciously we become a proud person.

Ants teach us that we will not always be on top. Therefore, do not be naive. Do not assume that a crisis or setback will not happen to us.

Learning from ants, we must anticipate problems that can happen in the future.

To prevent such problems from affecting our stable financial condition, we need to set aside an emergency fund in accordance with our current condition.

To anticipate future crisis conditions, be a person who always helps others. Because someday we will need their help.

Always look ahead and remember, good times may not last long but good people will always be there.

# 3 Little Ants Thinking of Winter in Winter
As the little ants face an unbearable winter, they always remind themselves that it will not last forever.

They believe that summer is coming soon.

When the sun shines on the first day of summer, little ants will come out of their nests and prepare to work and play.

In life, not all plans will go smoothly. We must have felt under.

Like when never get a job, do not have fixed income, romance problems, and so forth.

If it happens to us, it’s good to always remember that the crisis will surely pass.

Little ants teach us that we should not be pessimistic with the life we ​​live in, we must remain passionate and optimistic.

Beautiful times will surely come. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude that believes that things will get better.

As the old saying goes:

“Hard times will not last long. Strong people will last forever “.

# 4 Little Ants Do All They Can
Do you know how much food a small ants can collect during the summer? As much as they can!

This is an excellent form of work ethic. Do all we can do!

Little ants do not worry and think about how much food has been gathered by other ants.

They will not be silent and wonder why they have to work hard. Or even complain of wages that are not worth their work.

Little ants will do whatever they can.

If we are sure of the work we have chosen, focus and give the best performance of ourselves.

Success and happiness can usually be achieved if we devote 100% to every work we can do.

If we look around us, we will find that successful people are those who do all they can.

It’s Time We Apply Thinking Little Ants
If you apply the philosophy of the little ants, you will certainly benefit enormously!

These four points in Ant Philosophy from Jim Rohn do look simple, but will have a big impact on you.

Do not give up, always look ahead, stay positive, and do all that can be done.

Beyond these four points, there is another lesson we can take from the little ants.

Did you know that little ants can carry 20x more weight than their own weight?

We as human beings can also be like that.

If at any time you feel the burden you have to endure is so heavy, that you feel you can not get past it, think about how little ants go through it.

Remember that we can bear a greater burden beyond our expectations!